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Importer SP (V) 1921.4 Release

The AutoCAD importer now contains a new Render Model Type called Flattened Paperspace. This basically allows 2D models to load with all layers flattened to one paperspace.

This is similar to the Catia v5 and NX importer setting, Use Flattened Layers in 2D. These settings were introduced to allow SpinFire to render some 2D models for the respective importers. It is recommended to try these out before introducing to customers.


  • Supports NX 10 2D
  • Supports SolidWorks 2015 2D
  • IMP-3513: AutoCAD – add Flattened Layer Mode for DWG importer

Bug Fixes

  • IMP-2884: AutoCAD DWG file imports incorrectly
  • IMP-3270: AutoCAD 08399.DWG File Importing without any Dimensions
  • IMP-2392: AutoCAD DWG file import correctly, but all layers are hidden
  • IMP-2027: AutoCAD DWG: Actually drawing is missing/shifted, but measurement is imported correctly
  • IMP-1632: AutoCAD housepin dwg- is missing red hashed line
  • IMP-1629: AutoCAD DWG- AutoCAD hangs on importing drawing
  • IMP-1525: AutoCAD 204231 DXF border placement of 2d drawing is incorrect
  • IMP-1492: AutoCAD DWG File takes a very long time to open and is incorrect when opened
  • IMP-3439: AutoCAD dwg filename with Chinese characters fails to Import
  • SFD-1826: Catia V5 Missing PMI text on 2D Catdrawing file
  • SFD-1807: Catia V5 2D Import (*.catdrawing) will display wrong and overlapped geometry
  • IMP-3507: Catia V5 R19 – Problem saving as .3d
  • IMP-3376: Catia V5 Drawing Imports with View Misaligned
  • IMP-1558: Catia V5 2D qgd*.catdrawing Missing data on Alle text
  • IMP-3461: CATIAV5 R19 / R22 files with SpinFire 10.8.1 / Centro
  • IMP-1510: Catia V5 2D teste.catdrawing – Frame around drawing is incorrect
  • IMP-3408: NX 2D Drawing Importing With Dimensions out of Place
  • IMP-3503: SolidWorks: support for multi-sheet Solidworks 2D etc. via Crossfire
  • IMP-3477: SolidWorks: miscoloration of line drawings in Solidworks 2D for Datakit 2015.1

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